The Frisco POA is an organization, composed of municipal police officers, dispatchers and civilians who are employed by the City of Frisco Police Department. The Association was organized for the purpose of perpetuating the memory and spirit of police officers who have given their lives in the pursuit of duty. In addition, the Association has adopted the following objectives:

  • Promote social fellowship and economic well-being of the members.

  • Instill the members the spirit of cooperation and of the high regard of our calling.

  • Assert a wholesome influence on the education of the citizens of our city, especially with the purpose of inculcating respect for law and order.

  • To cooperate with courts, judges and branches of government, both state and national.

  • To incorporate among the members a closer personal acquaintance.

  • To receive, gather, and disseminate such information as might be helpful to the member in the performance of duties.

  • To promote complete cooperation and unified action with the various police organizations of the state.

  • To defray such legal and other expenses as may be incurred in perpetuation the interests of the Association.